Our Story


All started when  ETIENE USHINDI became a refugee with his family in Uganda after when he had lost everything in his country of origin DR Congo in the year of 2012.

He passed through a lot of challenging situations. He experienced poverty, illnesses, stopped the education, he also reached the level of not getting something to eat, hunger in of all types.

Until 2016 when God’s light shone up on him, when two ladies to mention ROBIN and BARB stepped in his life with his family.

Those two ladies changed his entire life and gave him a story to tell. When he knew everything was done. They came at the right time, showed light and restored hope in him and his family. They supported him in all ways and especially their financial support did contribute a lot to feed his family.

And having an opportunity to go for a mission trip in Kenya to spread the Gospel, to love and serve people. This trip helped him know the purpose of his life. It really made him realize that there are so many suffering and starving people who really needed help! and just a simple act of kind, can transform a life ever! From then it has always been a debt in his heart to love and serve as the way of giving back.

It was in November 2016 when he came back in Uganda developed an idea to start this organization. All he wanted was to make a difference with the love of God in people’s lives, communities and everywhere else in this world to those in need who are hungry and feel abandoned.

In June 2017, VICTORIES BY THE CROSS was registered in Uganda and started the work as a (Non-profit Organization)

At the moment we are doing gospel reach outs, teachings in communities around refugee camps and neighboring host communities, and sharing the love of God by sharing a little we get, with the ones in need. We also support refugees’ children with education in the camps.

We are committed to reach the ones starving, struggling, desperate and hopeless with the love of GOD, just to make a difference into lives.