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Our first water well implementation in Uganda

We built our first water well.

It's been a long way, long story, lots of challenges, and so many things to be grateful for in this journey, goodness and faithfulness of our Good God.

It was during the first Corona lockdown, in 2020 when we were distributing food to households in the Refugee camp, and reached in this community to help vulnerable and give them food! when I saw how people were struggling to get water. providing clean water to communities has been all that I always wanted to do, in a did to help other people and save children not to suffer from Typhoid  like me, and other dirty water infections. then I said what if we start from here, and build a water well right here?

But I didn’t even know how, and even when, or anywhere to start from!

brothers and sisters for the Cross, beautiful people engaged in it, our monthly donors, helped us reach our goal! we raised a couple of thousands of US dollars, to ward this project! And today, this month, this year, we finally did it and laughed it on November,16th-2021, to start serving the community the the Kyaka Refuge Settlement

The well official opening with community leaders, camp officials and all people around

300 to 500people who now are having access to clean and safe drinking water from here daily.

Out of millions who are dying because of water crisis around the world and Uganda included, Over 21 million people in Uganda are living without basic access to safe drinking water. That’s 51 percent—a majority of the population—in the East African country.

But, it’s not just about water. The water crisis is inseparable from the sanitation and hygiene crisis; together, these form what is known as “WASH,” three factors that greatly impact health.

Uganda is making a way out of the water and sanitation crisis and building a foundation from which to thrive. The country is growing and changing, and people are rising to the challenge to create better, healthier lives. we are so proud to be part of this change for the better.

we are committed to be able to get more involved in this cause and build more wells every year in Uganda and other places where it is needed most. you can make a difference with us Here by getting involved and support this program running in communities.

And this is to promote WASH and save those lives that are getting loosed over Hepatitis, Typhoid and Cholera and other water diseases. Though we can’t save them all at once, but at least we have saved a couple of thousands! We believe this is going to save lives and make a difference….

Watch the short Video here

Glory be to our good God and bless our supporters!!!!

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