The water:project 2022

The water program has given clean water access to more than 1000 families in Uganda, only in two years.

It was in 2020 when we started water project programs, to fight the water crisis and outbreaks in Uganda and other places. Since then, we are saving the lives of women and children, and everyone by providing safe and clean drinking water.

In November 2021 we was able to build our first water well, that is serving 400 families per day in the refugee camp, and provided water filters that are providing safe drinking water to families for more than ten years, and we have been giving out water supplies; like containers, buckets and soap for hygiene and water use in homes.

We are proud of our team, that has been going in places and making sure hygiene is being practiced at all levels! in communities, schools, health facilities, and households, and delivering the needed possibly support.

the well serving the community.
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many lives are getting lost every day, because of dirty water, especially women and children in Africa, this is one of their big challenges and causes of death.

Out of millions who are dying because of water crisis around the world and Uganda included, Over 21 million people in Uganda are living without basic access to safe drinking water. That’s 51 percent—a majority of the population—in the East African country.

Though the country is growing and changing and people are rising to the challenge to create better, healthier lives. We are so proud to be part of this change for the better. And save many lives of children who are growing up with health conditions that are causing other not to survive at all, many dying even before their adolescence period.

We are getting more involved to this cause and building more wells every year in Uganda and other places where it is needed the most. This is to promote WASH and save those lives that are getting loosed over Hepatitis, Typhoid and Cholera and other water diseases. Though we can’t save them all at once, but one person, home and community at a particular, it time counts.

You can make a difference with us HERE by getting involved and support this program reach many in communities, schools, churches and health facilities as many as possible.

Watch here, how we have made it so far!

We believe this is saving lives and making a difference to many…. For safe and better motherhood safe childbirth is our proud.

Click here to learn more about our first water well establishment in kyaka refugee settlement in Uganda.

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