Shelter Project

the project SHELTER) a roof over him/her

Around the world, many families have no homes! and many individuals stays on streets. when it comes to Refugees in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, people are staying outside like animals! especially elderlies, and ones with disabilities orphans and widows.

this project is all about reaching those who are in such situation, and provide a shelter to them, whenever we are able to.

in this this Refuge camp is where we met with this old and male man and his sick wife, and their two children, who have been staying in a tinny house, and flood when it rains.

when we met them and told them that we was going to make a shelter for them, they couldn't believe, because the man was like, i have no idea if there is anybody who cares about us!

and myself I had no idea of how we was going to build a house for them, only I believed. and for the help of JESUS through our sister Valeria, we was able to make it. and when we started the construction, she was amazed and always wondering and said (IMANA ni nziza Koko) which means God is really Good. and we say praise Jesus Our Lord...

we are looking forward to be able to reach and transform many families like this in the refugee camp, in Uganda and other places. 1,000.00USD is more than enough to make a shelter for a family and change their lives for ever...we would be so happy, if you would like to join us to make a difference.

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