Project back to school 2023

support a child be in school in 2023

The joy of every kid is to be able to be in school, but sadly, many has no chance to make it to school.

In Uganda, many children remain home, the access to school is still a big challenge for many children in all parts of the country/ continent, and and 7 out of 10 children won't finish a primary-level education. this makes it so difficult for young children to reach their potential in life.

It is even worse for a young refugee kid, who is dreaming day and night but there remains no chance for him/her to get through.

Though last year our ministry were able to support ten children make it to school, but the lack of access to school is still high in the camp! and this gives me another reason to bring this up again so that we can support the ten children as they all upgraded to the next class and add another ten to make it twenty.

Once a child receives education, it can change everything; it can liberate girls (saving them from being forced into early marriages), expose children to a greater and broader wealth of information, which can in turn help transform their minds and lives. Education can breed confidence, lift self-esteem and restore hope in many lives.

check out here how we helped ten children last year!

You can be part of this, you can be the reason for this kid's change and happiness! DONATE HEREFor the Better For a Difference, to love and to be loved is everything!

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