Motherhood AID 2022

We are saving lives of babies born and unborn and theirs mothers, for it's a pleasure for every family on Earth.

Maternal Infants Mortality Prevention IDS, Ana Nutrition

women are struggling with their pregnant, from their first month of pregnancy and others are abandoned by their husbands and families! they have to work hard to take care of themselves, their other children, and their pregnancy!

As women in labor and children die every 11 seconds for the luck of awareness and warning during their pregnancy period. this contributes high maternal mortality rate in the world, Uganda and mostly in Refugee Camps/ Settlements, as well as infant mortality.

Though we believe that women are partners with the maker to bring new born and a next generation in the world!

For every life we see walking on planet earth; all impact makers, pastors, missionaries, singers, might presidents; lifesavers doctors and nurses, scientists and all mankind on earth is brought by the woman! And the very time is the while pregnant! So she deserves better, loved, cared about, and respected.

so far we have reached 174 mothers in the Kyaka Refugee Settlement with AID and provides delivery supplies, food, and a small grant to spend on whatever is ok to them, training, mental and spiritual support.

Many of them are abandoned by their husbands and families feeling stuck, desperate, suicidal, and contemplating abortion. after joining this program we see them regain their smile, and their hope for the future. watch the video bellow for more about this program, and to watch the interview with some of the mothers

we are improving as many mothers health and babies in Kyaka II and other Refugee Camps in Uganda and Saving Our Children! the next generation, the World of tomorrow

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