feeding Refugees in Kyaka II Uganda

Hungry Tonight since 2020-2022

This is since 2020 when we held an emergency response of food to refugees and vulnerable in the camp in Uganda. Around the world, almost all the people suffered but it was worse to refugees who had no jobs or any other savings to save them and their families.

Children and pregnant women suffered the most, and couldn't stand it seeing them starving as they're in the center of our service. until when we was able to get out and serve them and then many others who were crying out for help.

only by the time of lockdown, we fed 8,000 people in 4,370 families and households under Hungry Tonight project. among this families some of them are lames, widows, orphans, pregnant women, and and men for there wasn't anyone around the camp who was able to work and provide for themselves or their families. every week our team went around in communities, door to door, and other came at our station to receive food.

and when we stood with this families up to the end of the lockdown. since then; we have this project on going in different places today feeding the needy and vulnerable.

we have found it to be a favor to be able to share with other people of every big and small blessing that we receive. and so much grateful for your continued support and prayers....

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