Back-to-School programme-2022

It is a great pleasure a kid, not just a kid but kids be in school the whole year.

This year we was able to help ten children make it to school! through our supporters and our monthly donors! we are sponsoring them, and covering all of their school fees, school requirements and everything required for them to bein school for the whole year: Jan to December 2022

 It’s been two years without children going to school in Uganda, and so much have happened, and poverty almost in every home! Stress everywhere, and many parents not being able to support their children make it back to school, due to being broke!

 Due to all this challenges, we got involved to contribute to this cause! This year, we are able to send ten (10) children to school, both lower level and high school level! We was able to support orphans, especially those who have lost their parents due to HIV-AIDS and living with the trauma stuck without knowing what to do next!

Among these children, other are being raised by single Mom, whom is hard for them to feed their children, Dressing and provide proper housing! Especially in this season, where all people are still recovering from Covid! and now it gets tough when it now comes to education and medication. Other children, their both parents have life conditions and Sick, most of their life time, probably not able to support their children’s education.

 Being able to get these children to school this year of 2022 probably it means everything to our organization!  And we believe this means every to them and their families, for those who has families and it is changing their lives.  

supporting ten children and orphans, who are stuck right now, make it to school this year, then 2022 is the best year for Victories By the Cross Ministries, in the kingdom of God! and every beautiful generous soul that made it possible.

What the pleasure, when you know that, you are the reason of that single Mom, orphan, and someone stuck, didn't give up!

Bless you all who are part of this program!

Bless VBC US and field Team...

 If you would like to partner with us by supporting this program go far and support more children in the community in Uganda

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