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This project was started when the whole world was in pandemic of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus).During that time the government of Uganda had put a curfew where the whole of its population was locked in their homes in a bid to limit and prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

We VICTORIES BY THE CROSS took action to reach lives with food relief to prevent people from dying of hunger after lacking food to eat and soap to keep clean.

This project was proposed on the 30th of March 2020 and started on the 07th of April 2020 giving out maize flour, cassava flour, beans, salt and soap at Kyaka II refugees’ camp/ settlement.

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Our goal was to reach families with food assistance and soap, so that we can all go through this situation well and safe together.

When the whole world was in corona virus crisis, most of people faced a hard times and it was the most challenging time for most of families and homes around the world  for many had no access to most important things in life, even others couldn’t make it and provide food for their families many could starve everyday yanning for help, and not so many who as in position to help. but we are so thankful that we victories and our supporters stood with a few thousands of families around the camp and few from the host communities. and we managed to reach Over 8,000+individuals from the Refugee Settlement. and helped them go through it, and face another day! until now, they are thankful goodness. We offered hope and made a difference into lives.
at least all of this families didn't feel abandoned though when they were, when we appeared in such difficult situation, and stood there for them, while some of them felt like it was all over, and helping them stand still and knowing that to love and to be loved is everything...
This is one of the greatest things that we are grateful for!

here are some of the people we serve.

We are so grateful for our monthly donors and everyone who gave and still giving to reach more people in communities still starving.

we thank ALMIGHT GOD for you all!

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To love and to be loved is everything.

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