THE STORY: Saving the life of a mother is saving the entire family

March 12, 2022

Our mission

  • In places of conflicts and disasters in developing countries, mothers and children are at a higher risk of diseases and deaths. Children die from illnesses like malnutrition, pneumonia, and malaria. Mothers don’t survive childbirth, and others die even before childbirth. Women are targets of sexual and gender-based violence. Women, who have experienced sexual abuse trauma, rape, or gender-based violence suffer much of their lifeline. We are changing that, together with your support, by bringing counseling and compassionate medical care to heal women’s bodies, minds, and hearts. When they don’t have access to reliable health and support, every life suffers and motherhood pleasure isn't rejoiced anymore. 
  • Finding sustainable ways to promote maternal health, access to nutrition, and health resources can be the difference between life and death for men, women, and children. For we believe that the health of women and children is the first step to creating healthy communities and pleasure to every home. 

This is the story of the mother of five : Aline Nsabimana.


About Aline’s life

Aline is a female aged 32, from DR Congo as country of origin; and currently a refugee in Uganda, Kyaka II Refugee settlement. She is HIV positive living mother of five (5) that have survived with HIV-AIDS for over four years now! 

Her early life

She was healthy and well by the time she relocated to Uganda with her husband, but a few years later she found out that she was infected by this disease.

Her current situation

Since then she has lived with anxiety and pressure, worried about her life and her five children. And, mostly about her pregnancy! Aline says that she thought of doing abortion right when she found out she was pregnant, but her heart would judge her all the time till now when I met her with 32 weeks pregnancy. 

When she heard about our Ministry’s service to motherhood, she said to helself: "I need to reach out and see if this one can help anyway!" And when she reached out to us, Mr. Peter welcomed her.  When she started sharing her story, Peter called me then I heard to listen carefully for I found out that she was struggling with depression and she was very desperate. 

Saying that she was so worried that she might give birth to a HIV positive child, and make him/her suffer instead!  She continued :

Am not sure if I will be able to hang in there up to the time of child birth, because am weakening everyday! I just wonder if there is anything remaining for me. Recently, four months ago my husband left me when he tested negative for HIV and I can’t blame him she said.
I have struggled with remaining silence in my community and house, pretending to be fine, when I know that am not! My oldest child asked me if am going to die, I couldn’t respond to her, I struggle Showing my children that I am still strong, when I am not! And I’m not sure how long I can hang in there.

Until when I met you with your team at ANC at the Health Center, and hearing the words you shared with us, as if you knew everything I was going through, I thought reaching out to you would mean so much to me.

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My feedback

well, I just don’t know what I can tell you right now that you would like to hear, but seriously it might have been heard for you! And I can tell that you’re a very strong woman, to just hang in there for the past four years! And soon you will be bringing another human in the world!
You don’t have to think that you can’t reach the time of your childbirth! Just do what you’re supposed to do, taking care of yourself, and leaving the rest in safe hands of Jesus. The baby that you have in your belly isn’t yours, but God’s gift to you, and you don’t own his/her future, but God does. He wouldn’t give it to you, if you weren’t going to make it! He knew very well that you will manage, and that’s why he did, just hold on you will have the testimony of Gods salvation and hope I said. 

According to me this was just normal words to me, but she replied: "You have no idea what this means to me!"

"Most of people if they find out that you’re (HIV-AIDS) positive, they push you away as my husband did! Am ok if he didn’t care about me or my health, but our children! And if it happens I die any time, how are my kids going to live? Are they going to be able to go to school? How are they going to eat or survive? That all my concern and it won’t let me sleep anymore, as am told all the time, it will be the cause of my death according to the doctor." She said.

Me, I was speechless, because I think nothing else I can say that is meaningful to her in that situation! I just said I’m so sorry! 

As I bend my head down, I think of families like this, over 370 families around the camp are going through this or other problems related to this, especially women and children. 

Those who are in school and poor households they need help, and there is none! They’re struggling mostly with silence and depression

Then we just offered a small birth preparation items we have, and she left with so much joy. And I saw that she was touched by these words. Which are not just words, but filled with the heart of the Father and so much love and passion! I just gave the Glory to God to be able to minister to her, and just remind her that isn’t over yet! You can still do more even than what you can ever imagine! 

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