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May 31, 2021

Life is so busy. There are always too many things to take care of. Work, our career, reputation, personal achievements, circumstances, and many other things are taking up every minute of ours!

Though we have so many things to do, we still have our lives, families and those who care about us. I’m writing this with much emotion and with much personal experience. We are all chasing something! It may seem that our ambitions are different from person to person, but when it comes down to it, we all want happiness, success, and wellbeing. 

Busy with LIFE

I have always said that life is not easy! Believe me, life is never easy. I sometimes ask myself, ‘what do we live for?’, ‘Why do we have to suffer sometimes?’, and ‘what are we busy for?’

There are so many questions. What are we going to change in this life? What are we going to do about every situation in this world? How are we going to save the innocent lives that are getting lost daily?  Many children feel they have no future. They are broken from the inside; dead emotionally, mentally, and spiritually! Many times this is because their parents offered the wrong gifts to them. How many times would our parents sacrifice everything to get us specific things, but they would never give us their presence, time, and attention?  Many children only want one thing:  to be listened to, and cared for when they need them. Children want their parents to be the ones they can trust, to tell their problems to when they are troubled. 

Our daily life

The Bible says: they have changed good things into evil! And evil into good! The world sees things differently! 

Let me tell you a story about a successful businessman:  a father and a husband who was well-known all around the world. 

This man was very rich, and was known, and respected by everyone who knew him. Whenever he said anything, everyone agreed with him and paid full attention to each and every word he spoke. Unfortunately, his story ended sadly, because this was all on the outside! His family didn’t see and know him the same way, because this man would always be on a flight for a business trip, or busy elsewhere! When he came home, he would be on his laptop and his cell phone! Those closest to him never knew or saw the better part of him. I’m telling you no one from his household could say “I’m proud of my dad!” because they never had him when he was needed!

Yet he had given them his all, and sacrificed his joy and time! This man worked hard all of his life to provide an excellent education, the best health care, home, food, cars, and everything his family had ever wanted. They may have had this all, but they never had his presence or attention. 

Whenever his wife and children said anything to him, the response was “You have everything.”, and “My personal assistant will take care of that!”. It got to the point that his young children barely knew who was between the rich man and his personal assistant. Most of the time he would come home late at night, and leave early in the morning before everyone woke up. 

One time this man was on a business trip as usual, but this time he had a very serious accident. The car had destroyed his face and body! And they took his body back home, and even everyone who knew him before, could not recognize his face. On the day of his funeral, one of his youngest children didn’t cry, despite everyone around being sad. The child was asked, “hey why are you so cool on a day like this?”, and the boy said “I don’t know why either! Maybe because I don’t even know who died, and I’m very sure that isn’t my dad who passed away.” This story changed the way that I look at, and value life. 

In the life of a parent!

 I have learned from my research, that if your children can’t sit next to you and tell you their problems, and what’s on their mind, then there is something missing. I believe that children should regard their parents as their heroes! Parents, your children mean the world to you, Right? You could give them everything in the world, but most times they only need a little.  They just want you to let them know how much you love and care about them. That should be the meaning of our hard work!


Those you love will never know how much you love and care about them without your presence, attention, and actions.

When you buy something and mail it to someone you love, it’s very different from just collecting a flower in the bush and coming home with it. When you bring it home you hand it to them, and just give them a big hug and tell them “I love you!”. It just fills you with love within!  It makes a person experience what life is all about. “The material and specific things are there to serve us so that we may live here and meet the purpose and passion of our lives! Unfortunately, most times, we end up serving them instead.

You’re working countless hours every week, and every time you come home you are tired.  Your children only know your toughness and tiredness, because no one is friendly when they are tired! You’re working hard for them, but I’m telling you it’s affecting your marriage, your relationships, and your children! You’re hurting those around you who care about you and think of you endlessly. If you have ever loved, you know what I’m talking about. Work hard, but do not put work and money first! 

Because you will be remembered and missed, not only for always being busy but also for your hard work, the service you did to them, and most of all how you made them feel and how you were there for them.

The people in your life closest to you need only two things: 

  • Your presence 


  • Your Attention!

Your hard work and everything you do for him or her will never go unnoticed if you offer these two gifts! You will be appreciated and they will be able to say they are proud of you! These two gifts will lead to a successful life, family, relationship, or friendship. 

 A family that is present for one another, is richer than a family with big houses and expensive cars. For at the end of the day, nothing matters more than a life lived purposefully! It’s important to make someone feel loved, cared about, and safe and comfortable near you. 

Live a life of freedom, peace, and genuine love. 

We always work hard so that we can make life better and meaningful to those around us! But if it goes unnoticed, then it is all in vain. Why do we have to be busy all the time? We are all chasing the things we are concerned about! We need to focus on our purpose of living and waking up every morning! Let us live with purpose! Smile, laugh, and never take life too seriously. Life is always busy, but never forget to spare time with those who mean a lot in your life! 



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