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May 21, 2022


You don’t have to smile only when something good happens. You don’t have to smile only when you’ve achieved or when your dreams have come true, but walk with a smile through all things. The smile will keep you hopeful . The smile  strengthens and inspires others even when you’re not only having good times!

Once one friend of mine told me that, in everything that you are gifted with, you have a smile, and that smile lights in the hearts of the many, and makes their day bright. “Never cover it nor let someone cover it”she said. My mother says that my smile gives her the hope that it’s going to be alright.

I smile not because everything is fine, not because I’m encouraged and feeling up, but because there are few things that make me smile every time.

I wasn’t always happy in my childhood; I have suffered so much with different life challenges but hunger was the top, because it is what I know the most. But it’s a wonder that people could see me smiling and smile as well! I can tell you that all the people that you see smiling,it’s not because everything is fine, but because they choose to live, and let go of what is out of their control.

I decided to hold a ten day challenge on facebook, which I called: “Smile Big for life challenge, for life is too short.”

I had Ten days of counting my blessings!

Ten days of remembering how far I’ve come from!

Then days of celebrating all the people who have come along my journey and have been there for me from day one, and loved me unconditionally. 

Ten days of growth both physical and spiritual! Next month I am going to be 24 years old. 

Ten days of being thankful for what the Lord has done to so many people throughout my life. 

Ten days of being thankful for the heart of the Mother! You know it’s my favorite. And in it all, I say that: The Lord has been so faithful to me!!!

These things have always kept a big smile on my face and my heart! They have lifted my soul up every time I feel down.

Though things are not okay 100%, I know that I am loved, with God, and I am his child! What else can I ask for?

In my ten days Challenge, I was able to highlight some of what has always inspired me to live this life, and when you go through each day, it is summarized in a way that you can be able to understand. 

The ten days challenge highlights

  • Day #1

I said, we smile, not because everything is fine! But because we know what our life is all about! Not only in being well off, but in being alive and taking chances.

Good times and hard times, all make life! When we are on good terms we enjoy and rejoice! But when we remain in it for a very long time, we forget and get distracted. 

But when we go through ups and downs, struggles and everything turning against us, we get to learn and become stronger to face life; You acquire the experience that you couldnt’ get in the good moments of your life.

  • Day #2

Most people ask me why you always smile while taking pictures.

This is because in my culture, it is rare to see many people smiling while taking pictures!

But I said I do smile, because when people see me smiling, they will smile as well. Since then I can assure you that people do smile when they look at my pictures and when I am taking pictures with them, they do the same. 

Even if something serious is happening, smile as if nothing happened. 

For it is not about what happens to us, but the energy we respond with to what happens to us.

  • Day #3

 A smile will give you ten more days of life.

The bible talks about this in the book of proverbs that a merry heart does good, like medicine; but a broken spirit dries the bones. With a lot happening in our world, it is really hard to fulfill that! But our hearts can testify to it. When you seek to live your own life, and be you, you will be happy much of your time. 

Get away from all negativities, you have a long journey that you have to take care of! Not what the world is saying about you, but what you say.

  • Day #4

Life can hit you up, and have things not moving in your will, but that beautiful smile on your face will back you up.

Even if you are hungry, not everyone will know that! Even if you’re hurt, not everyone will see that directly. It is good sometimes, because not everyone has to know about how you are feeling, your problems or what you’re up to.

Because your enemies will use your weakness to harm you! When things change it shouldn’t let you down, but should be your strength to hang in there and rise stronger again! 

#Always know that you’re never alone. It is going to be alright...

  • Day #5

This is why you’re not happy much of your time.

Sometimes we look for our happiness on the outside, when we have everything on the inside. No one is going to come and make you happy, if you don’t unlock your heart to receive that pleasure. 

And sometimes the switch is in those small things that you sometimes take for granted. You think when you achieve your dreams is when you will be happy, and sadly, when you can’t see the far you have come from to get there! 

I want you to know that only collecting flour in the bush for someone you care about in your heart, can mean the world to them.

 #you will be happy for the big blessings in your life, only if you can see that one, that food on your table and so on.

  • Day #6

Our joy and happiness isn’t only our benefits individually, but to everyone around us.

A happy woman lights in the entire house. A happy kid makes everyone in the community love children! A happy singer makes everyone love the song. Be happy and remember to put a smile on your face in everything you do. Whenever I enter a store and am welcomed with joy and with a big smile, it makes me choose that store as my favorite.  I think you can relate to that!

 # It is said that; a man without a smiling face should not open up a store!

  • Day #7

Every new day comes with new Mercy and new Grace you shouldn’t give up, God isn’t done with you yet.

Here is the reason why you should wake up happy every single day with a big smile on your face; believing, today is going to be a different day from yesterday! Living with hope in everything you do.

 I never knew that I would once have anything to share with you, because my life was really nothing, I was struggling so much that I didn’t trust anyone that I could share with!

I didn’t have hope in my life; except being a hungry young boy! And that’s what I lived knowing all my life! But it happened one day, I woke up healed from that situation, by the grace of God, and woke up every day, seeking and believing that it shall be alright. Here I am, I can now inspire, and tell my story to the world! Smile big every morning, because the day is carrying the answer of your prayers you prayed for last night. Have hope and smile…

  • Day #8 

A big smile shows the pureness and lighting of your soul, and then lights up everyone around.

The more you stay down by thinking about all the things happening in your life, the more you get weaker to get up and do something to overcome. 

Stop worrying about the past, because it has nothing to do with your life! But the present makes a difference. Especially your response to that situation Smile big, as nothing happened, even if today was your last day on earth! Happy Mother’s Day, God bless the Woman

  • Day #9

If today was your last day on earth, how would you want people to remember you?

If today was the last day of my life, I want to be remembered as a kid who made everyone happy! By my kindness, my generous heart and everyday work toward other people in my community, and all those around me! 

Every day I have learned that; kindness counts. Because the true joy that I have found, is when I feel kind and be able to help someone out! It makes me feel happier; to know at least I have touched someone’s life. 

At least because of me, that woman didn’t give up! If there is only one person to see my life that way, then I’m done with my mission on earth.But there are hundreds that I have helped out, by serving them and helping them. 

How would you want to be remembered? 

How do you make those around you in your life feel? 

What is it that you’re doing that is going to pay you or your blood line when you are not there?

Be happy, live your life, and be kind to others…kindness always counts….

  • Day #10

Gratitude is the source of happiness. 

Unless you’re grateful for that small gift you have in your life, you can see the meaning in your life, and will wake up every morning feeling stronger to face the day!

You will have strength to consistently do what you’re doing,  gratitude will review the meaning of what you have done, that no one can see!

  • If it is about business not moving well, at least you were able to start it, there are millions lacking something to do today.
  • If it is about your health, at least you were able to wake up today and be able to move your body, because so many are not able to see this beautiful sunny day.
  • If it is about your children, at least you have them, so many didn’t have that chance like you do!
  • If it is housing, you have a shelter on your head, and sleeping on the bed, very many are sleeping on the street hungry, and their children have been crying the whole night. Their children have never worn shoes on their feet, others do not have a blanket to cover their children at night. 

Very many are losing their life, because of the lack of medical support; women and children are dying every day. Take a small that you have, and be happy with it, because there are very many that have none. 

If a little you have isn’t enough for you, then nothing is. But in everything I know that this life is so beautiful and so amazing with Jesus in the center! Live every moment, make him pleased in your life and in all you do and remember to give back to those who need help.  

Notes and conclusion

Finalizing this I say: “Gratitude is the most powerful force in life, you must apply it in your marriage, your family and your relationships, your career and your friendship, your ministry and everything around you!”

Most of the time we fail to live and enjoy this life, because the outside is controlling us! What happened long ago, till now, has kept you unhappy, that person who broke your heart is still holding you back from enjoying your life.

It's soon going to crash the relationship you have with that man who you would make the heavens on earth. What and how other people say about you is stacking you from doing what is important to you!

Always remember that you may not be having much time remaining! Be grateful for the present, go out and shine in the world with your kindness and generosity, leave the rest in the hands of God.

I believe you enjoyed following my ten days of smiling big and counting your blessings. We are all blessed in one way or another! but sadly we don’t see it most of the time. You are never going to live a joyful life, unless you live in the moment.

Always there is God, our loving father who created us in his image! Always remember to give him the glory in the land of the living. 

God bless the woman… 

In his service,

Written by Ushindi Seth Etiene

Edited by Henry Mugerwa

# Smile big, the day is shining so bright….love to you all!!! to day its gonna be a great day#

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