December 31, 2020


On a last day of a year like this

We all think about what we have gone through the year, and what we would do in the new coming year.

But myself, I think I would call it a real time of me, myself and my spirit.

On the bad and hard time of the year

Because in the year we see and go through a lot, we face different situations, ups and downs; we go through disappointments, like sickness. We get betrayed by the people we love the most, we lose the ones we love forever, we get divorces and families break ups. We get deceived; we get to realize that things were not the way we thought them to be. We get hurt in many ways and heart brokenness!

On the brokenness, In just a year we make enemies! The ones, who used to be our good friend, turn just one time and starts to hate us and fight us!

“I myself, I had a guy whom I used to know and who was a good friend of mine! The guy whom we had gone through a lot of challenges together,the guy who helped me in some ways as I did in my journey. This guy I would call him a brother! I would call him a friend, someone we would share some good memories! But in just few month of the year, the guy turned around! Someone who used to be a friend to me became an enemy.Someone who would wish me the best, stood against me, my family and everything. Just in a year!”

Though through the year we face a lot of good things like achieving our dreams, lots of surprises and many blessings; we make friends for life who become a light into our lives! We make connections and meet beautiful men and women. We meet and start families and live together for the rest of our lives! We bring new born and make the future of the tomorrow’s world.

All happens just in a year!
So,  it’s about a year, but they surround our lives! I mean it’s all on us! Our lives, and the lives of the ones we love the most.

We are the ones who suffer if is about to suffer!

We are the ones who get blessings and a new life if is about a new life!Because we are the ones who live! and our lives, our presence make years and new years!

One the day like this, the last 24 hours …

What matters and what can make a difference, is just about simple things.

Just doing what we think can be the best for the ones we care about, like showing them how important they have been throughout the year!

To let them know what it means to have them into our lives and on our side!

To take time and ask for forgiveness to those we have had problems with,in case we haven’t done it yet!

To thank them for the most little act of kindness we may still be remembering that they have done to us! To appreciate them always….

On the other hand

“Let us try to forgive everything and everyone from what they may have done wrong to us, though they never asked for forgiveness for the better of ourselves in the New Year, new things, new adventure and refreshment.” It lights our lives and the New Year that we are going into, and helps us restart smartly.

Before planning and thinking of what’s next in our businesses, our careers and lives, let’s think of our souls our spirit and peace of mind. Let’s release ourselves from the hurts and brokenness that we may have faced and went through because life has to move on and nothing is greater than having peace of mind! Peace in your heart!

Then you will have a lot of things done in the New Year for you have nothing holding you back from the past.

Let’s live again!

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