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March 16, 2021


Life, for many, is what we see in front of us, and in this, we think we are living! But the truth is that many are not really living at all. Most people spend their lives in a physical body but are dead spiritually and emotionally.

And you should know that being alive spiritually is what will benefit you! Spiritual life is the gift God has given us through Jesus Christ!  So what is the point of pretending to be alive when you are spiritually dead?

And Instead of living your life in happiness, there are always tears! I hear many people say: ‘I want and try to be happy, but I end up in tears.’ And to those people I say: It is because you have it all wrong! Because your happiness is coming from another thing; physical things that pretend to be alive but are actually spiritually dead! I want you to know and experience that true happiness what you are after. By the daily doing, and the choices you make.

You can not break hearts today and expect to experience joy and happiness tomorrow. Unless go out and do what you're passionate about.

I’m talking about living! The average person lives 27,375 days, which is approximately 75 years of living in this physical body! But most people will live that long, and it will still seem like they did nothing, because every time they thought of something, they said ‘Not today!’, and never got around to doing anything. If it is to be happy or start up something, then they will say ‘maybe tomorrow’, or to repent and come to the Lord; they will say ‘not yet’. If it is falling in love and finding a new life, they also will say ‘maybe tomorrow’ or ‘not yet with this one! Even the ones who don’t wait sometimes end up not living as they’re supposed to. You find that others spend most of their time stressed about everything, even the things they can’t control.

Many people come to the end of their lives having learned nothing and accomplished nothing because they didn’t do anything meaningful with the time that they were given.

What’s important while living?

The most important thing I’ve learned in life is to let go! For life is fun when we learn to let go.

We need to let go, even when you have done your best, but things are still not working out, and are instead breaking your heart over and over!

Let go

Throughout our lives, we go through a lot! We get disappointed and discouraged by the ones we least expect it from. We sacrifice so much to love and show others how much we care, but sometimes it goes unnoticed by them! Not only that, but we try to be there for people, but to them, it means nothing. You are never going to find the happiness you are seeking because you’re not dealing with the right people. You love someone who doesn’t love you back; you are serving someone who doesn’t want to be served! You are caring for someone who thinks they are better off on their own! That’s why you need to sit down and think again about what you’re investing your time in and in whom. If you’re not investing your time in the right things, then let go and move forward.

I’ve learned this, myself because I have gone through that trying to care for someone who doesn’t care for herself! Living in a community of people who don’t appreciate, it really breaks your heart! Until I realized there are so many who want to be loved and cared about, and I have lived being a response to them! And ever since I realized that I’ve never been disappointed!

When you know you’re alive

The most exciting time in life is to know that you have impacted someone’s life! You know you’re alive. You know that because of you that weak and poor person who had given up a long time ago gained strength to stand again.

When that person who once felt that the world is only evil and that they had no life or future, got to see the light of Christ when you stepped in!

When you know many other people are leaning on you, and think that if they lose you, then life would be too difficult for them and they think they can’t make it without you!

When you’re loved and appreciated by the community, family, and friends.

When you know many are trusting God more because of you.

When you know that someone got through that night of darkness and hunger because you stood there for him/her.

You will wake up every day with new energy to face the new day when you’re alive because you have a reason to live. For others, it’s about your families, lovers, jobs, career, and things that you are passionate about, and the love for humanity and nature, that makes you feel alive.

I have felt it; I have experienced it so many times when I see the smiles of hope! When I go to sleep knowing that tonight hundreds have eaten because of me and my!!! Oh wow, I can feel it even now!

It has become an inspiration to me when I’m enduring trials; when I feel like things are not working out! To know that many lives are waiting on what the Lord is going to do in their lives through me.

That they are waiting on their rescue from the Heavens through me! I stand immediately because every day I feel like I’m ready to be used by the Lord, ready to touch and change more lives! Because I’m alive!

Living anyway

When you are in this flesh, never forget that you don’t have enough time! Not enough as you may think you may have.

That’s why you need to take chances! Run, fly, go everywhere you wish to go, cry, fail and raise again, fall in love or allow yourself to beloved, appreciate, and pay attention to those who do to you, let go of what is out of your control! Trust in God, walk in His path, because He is above everything, and do any thinking you think is necessary just now! Because if you don’t do these things now, you may never get the chance to.

Life is worth living happily! Life is worth waking up every morning with positivity and joy. Life is worth living. Appreciating what you have.

Throughout life, we go through so many things. We've been hurt in life by others, and we stay stuck in our past when we need to continue on. We push people out of our life who are meant to be there, all because we think everyone is the same.

You are living in negativity, instead of taking chances and just do what the Lord has for you. Think about it, how many times have you seen things and expected them to be good when it wasn’t, even though it was what you needed? That’s why sometimes you have to create a reality even if no one can see it or believes in you.

Because somebody once said; “Sometimes things in life are not what they seem to be or appear to be.”



Regrets are one of the things I hate in my life and I do all can to prevent it!

Yet it’s part of our lives! It’s on us. If we can’t just getup and do what we are supposed to do now, then regrets are sure to find us.

You end up thinking ‘why me?’

‘I wish I didn’t do it that way!’

‘I wish I didn’t fall in love with him or her!’

‘I wish I worked on it a different way!’

Yes, it’s all true! You wish, but it’s already happened. He broke your heart, he drove away, and it didn’t work out for you. Yes, you made that mistake.  It’s already done! Instead of living and learning, you’re punishing yourself by dwelling on it!  Remember, you can’t take it back, but you can change and learn from your mistakes. And you can stop it!

Instead of saying ‘I wish,’ say ‘I believe that I can’. Say ‘I am going to do it this time! I am not what they think I am! I am strong, I am loved, I am not alone!’

Just stay positive. Say: “I am grateful that I was able to laugh. Though it wasn’t for long, I still laughed, and enjoyed it. ”Say: “I was even blessed to be able to have that time.”  Inspire yourself, and get back up. Then, you will have no regrets.  

People live and go!

“No matter how long you lived, how much you earned, how much wealth you owned in the Universe, what matters is how you lived”.

How long you live doesn’t mean anything to the community, nor does your wealth. But your kindness, love, and care do, because it is what made others feel alive, too. It has given others hope and raised others who were down.

That young boy or girl whom you’ve given the chance to go to college and become a nurse or a doctor will one day treat and heal people with a good heart and kindness! Because of what’s been done for them, they will remember to give back to the community.

Just think of the huge impact they will make that’s been started by you. The effects of that deed will last forever!

There are people who live on for centuries! They may die physically, but their heart’s deeds and memories continue to live on, because of how they lived their life, and because of how safe people felt when they were near them! Then it’s known that you lived well.

In this article, I am encouraging you to live today! The best part of living is to love back those who love you the most.

Remember to care! Care for those who care about you. Take time and give back! Give back the time that you are always given!  A lot of times we care most for specific things! Others care most about their jobs and companies which is good but is best if you remember to care for people and your family also. Remember to make time and care for your health, because it’s in your hands for a short time!  Also, care for the things you are passionate about. Contribute with others when needed, and volunteer your time and serve! Be there for someone who is desperate, show them love! Give and share what you have with others who may need it too!

For everything shall pass on once you die, but you will be remembered for how you lived and made people feel.

God is at work. We shall make a difference…

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