January 27, 2021


I am inspired to write about this after when I was asked this question: “Why sometimes God's will seems to be against us?” I am wondering how many out there who are having the same question in their lives!
I took my time praying and studying every time about this one while I could ask myself why someone can think like this.
Then I came to realize that the thing is that, God’s will is always perfect yet none of us is, or will ever be. And that’s the real thing why we don’t get it most of times. Because it is beyond our thinking!  Most of the time, it’s not the way we see or think.


I am encouraged by the story of Jesus when he was about to be crucified and die for us! When he saw everything that was about to happen to him! He was afraid. He asked his father if this cup could pass over him! But one thing I loved about it, is that at the end he said let it not to be like his will, but the father’s.


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This image reminds me always the fact my future is into God's hands ( Work under progress.... )
There are so many things happening in our lives that we don’t know even how we are going to get out of them! We are facing different situations in our lives, and so many questions in our lives which have no answers and end up blaming ourselves, saying why me, how this and why all of this happening to me.
One thing the Lord has been teaching me is that he wants us to believe. He says: “look I have good plans for you! A plan to prosper you, a plan to give you better future.” But the circumstances  take us very far from these promises! Though God still wants us to believe and trust him.
Do you know why Job overcame and was rewarded more?


Read Job13:13-15.

“Hold your peace let me alone, that I may speak, and let come on me what will
Wherefore do I take my flesh in my teeth, and put my life in mine hand?
Though he slays me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.”
My day #10 of 365 serve, I was at church and ministered to my church family this amazing scripture. Job trusted, leaned on God up to the last breath of his life! But you all know what his rewards were!
This is a strong message I have ever shared, and got people who had to kneel down and repent. When I said: “Well, we all sin and go far from God's presence! Because of the life we live everyday. Many times we pray for what our heart desires! And sometimes if it delays we lose faith and think that we weren’t heard. We suffer and go through disappointments in life! We end up saying why me! Maybe God has forgotten me or has left me! Others they even end up saying that God isn’t there!
Well, you can say anything you want, but the truth is that God has never let down those who trust and wait him. What I want you to know is that even if you pray and you don’t receive the answer, don’t think that you weren’t heard. He heard your prayers! He is even seeing you!
When you are suffering, do not think you’re alone. No, you are not!  That’s when I was going through these lessons in my life and my family; I could think that we are by our own. And that no one is seeing us or anybody who would want to look at us!
I lived like that for so long! It made tome to not trust anybody! It took all my joy and happiness because I could think my living as a mistake! Sometimes when I could see others who are living better I could blame myself and my parents! And say maybe they didn’t work hard to prepare life for us like other families do? But it wasn’t like that because my mother was sacrificing herself for us. And later when I met God and started teaching me about his love for me, I found myself.
Let me tell you, when God is working on something in our lives sometimes it’s painful for us! But when we start living it, we get to realize it’s the best ever.


Now if I can be an inspiration to you then that’s all that my suffering was for....


So in all and all, he still wants us to say his name! He wants us to still obey him, he wants us to still worship him! He still wants us to ask for his will on our lives. When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray in Matthew 6: 9 – 10; He taught them how to pray: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.
When I shared these words at my church, there is a lady who has delivered that Sunday. She is a single mother of three, and life has been so hard for her for so long. No matter how many times she has been trying and working hard, it didn’t work out.
And now she was like what else that I have to do now? Because everything couldn’t work. She had tried many times to kill herself, but could be disappointed when she could see the three children. When I was speaking I didn’t know what was going on because I could see her crying. Then I could be like well, I don’t know! I got to know it after church when she came to me to tell me what was going on in her life.
Then I prayed with her! I’m glad that I ministered to her that day.
I want you to know that, he loves you the most and that he knows everything that is going on in your life, even more than how you can ever imagine. Even if you didn’t eat last night, I’m very sure that he saw that very well.
It pleases him when he knows that we still believe and wait on him and that our help is in his hands.
Because, this is faith, to believe even when we don’t have the proof and believe God any way.
So you might be facing some conditions today! But can you still trust him? And praise him? Even if you can lose the ones you love, or precious things in life? What if it doesn’t work as you expected? When you do all your best and now feeling tired, Can you still look up to him?
What if you do believe him a 100% and pray every day but the situation remains the same? You lose your job and everything, the sickness doesn’t heal, or your heart desires to be feed! Can you still hang on and lean on him and say, “well I don’t know what you’re planning for my life right now, but whatever it is, whatever it is; Lord I believe you I trust you for my liberation. I trust you for my salvation.”
God is at work. We shall make a difference...

# for my January the 30 days of 365serve


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